Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Delivery Me From Temptation

  All my life, I've been surrounded by food.  Food was never simply used as fuel or sustenance, but as a reward, comfort, band-aide…and yes, even as punishment (usually self-inflicted).  I love food; almost all foods.  I was never considered a picky eater by any means.  Broccoli? Yes, please.  Salad? Bring on the “rabbit food”!!  Steak?  A perfect medium-rare is the way to go.  Chocolate cake?  The only thing missing is a tall glass of milk.  You get my point.   My problem has always been that I liked too much of all of it.  It most certainly didn't help that I loved all the convenient processed food to go with all the natural stuff. 

  However, it wasn't until I met a former classmate, who had become a Vegan for almost 10 years prior to us meeting,  that my mind started to open up to what I was really doing to my body!  So, I started to read.  I read about the effects different food can have on the mind and body.  I started to understand how the foods I ate and drank daily, or on the regular affected me.  I started to make small changes and have noticed the difference.  The human body is completely amazing.  It’s a well-oiled machine that given the right care and maintenance, it will run smoothly and efficiently.  

  Unfortunately, we, as humans, get in the way of our best health more often than not, and pollute our systems with excess and potential poisons simply for self-gratification. 

  I’m not perfect…I’m human.  Sometimes I choose not to listen to what my body says and I indulge.  I’m learning, on occasion, that indulging is OK.  Doing it every day only sets me back on my new goal to live a happy, quality life.

 Much Love!


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