Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Food Optimist, But Always A Foodie

 I volunteered to be part of Food Optimist’s 28-day health reboot during the month of April, and it was an adventure I looked forward to, but also entered into with curiosity.  The curious part was learning to understand how a lemon or a pinch of cayenne or a handful of kale could make such a difference inside and out of the body.  I trusted Chef Natalie to guide me with her expertise and culinary training to create smoothies, salads and entrees that would not only taste good, but be beneficial to “rebooting” my whole body. 

 The first week and most of the second were very tiring.  My body, particularly my brain was hazy and sluggish.  I felt like I was living in a fog.  I was tired and a tad moody, but my focus was just trying to keep myself moving forward while detoxing!  By the time I came through the detox tunnel at the end of week two, I had this incredible burst of energy.  It was almost as if someone had turned on a bright light in a pitch-black room!  My brain—my thoughts—clear.  I had energy flowing through my body and I wanted to start moving.  And sleep?? Wow! I slept solid and well for the first time in I don’t know how long.  Although, I’ve always had a mostly clear complexion, my skin started to glow for the first time in a long time.  I had been trying to figure out how to treat a strange little breakout/inflammation I had on my right cheek.  Well, once I got into the cleanse I noticed that on top of the “glow” I was getting in my face, the inflammation I had was lessening.  By the end, it was completely gone! The toxins, the junk in which I had quit putting into my body, and had replaced with cleansing, nutritious whole foods, cured me of the ugliness I felt. 

 My overall experience with the reboot was positive and beneficial.  I had great guidance and a support group of several other women all participating. I think having this network of support during my initial journey to good health made all the difference in the world.  I plan on making a detox/cleanse part of my regular diet.  Being humans means being imperfect—in life and in making food choices.  By including a periodic detox/cleanse, I believe can continuously make a difference to your overall daily health.

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